Is it possible to set header filters in Panel's Tabulator widget?

Hello Everyone,

Panel’s Tabulator widget is based on the JS Tabulator library. The JS library allows for header filters to be set on column headers. Is there any way to achieve similar functionality in the Tabulator widget?


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@urig Would you mind opening a feature request for this in Panel? I too would love to see it and will probably work on it but may not get to work on it right away.

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Thanks @philippjfr. Would love to open a feature request. Is GitHub the right place?

That’s right, thank you!

Hi @urig

Welcome to the community. An alternative would be to check out the configuration parameter. You should be able to include things from the Tabulator configuration here.

Done: and thanks for putting it on the backlog.
Is this something I might be able to take on myself as first time contributor?

Thanks Marc. I appreciate it.

I tried setting headerFilter on a column through configuration but couldn’t get it to work. Perhaps I’m not doing it correctly?

    configuration={"columns": {"field": "id", "headerFilter": "number"}},