Is it possible to use a 64bit version of numpy or python with panel?

Hi all,

I converted my app to a pyodide pwa using the panel convert to --pyodide-worker --pwa command, however I ran into a problem when numpy was used in another package, the Exception: array is too big; arr.size * arr.dtype.itemsize is larger than the maximum possible size.
was raised. A quick qoogle search lead me to this Stackoverflow post where the reason for this Error is that the 32 bit of either numpy or pthon is used.

I think in this case the reason for the error is likely to be numpy, because if I look into what the converted app loads, it seems that a 32 bit Version of numpy is loaded:

[Service Worker] Fetching resource:

Is it possible to use a 64bit version of numpy? Or is this question more suited for the pyodide project?

Thanks for your time and help in advance :slight_smile:

Sadly the main problem here is that Webassembly itself is 32 bit for the time being. So you’d have to raise this issue with the World Wide Web Consortium and then convince every web browser to implement the updated spec :upside_down_face:

Oh ok, then I just accept this error/limitation of wasm, since I don‘t think that I can influence the W3 consortium or any Web Browser :joy:

But thanks for your answer :+1:

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