Is there a roadmap for Panel? When is v1.0 expected?


Firstly - thanks for the great tools! I’m starting to use a bunch of them (panel+holoviews+datashader+param) to build a SPA for exploring gridded geospatial data.

I was looking into some performance issues (UI glitches and delays, likely due to poor layout structures in my app), and I came across this little gem:

with the upcoming Bokeh 3.0 and Panel 1.0 releases the layout engine will be replaced with a CSS based framework

Here: Performance and Debugging — Panel v0.13.1

This is the only reference to Panel v1.0 I’ve come across - is there a roadmap for Panel? Is there an anticipated release date v1.0 (even a rough one)?


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Bump… :pray:

To my knowledge, the new layout engine in Bokeh 3.0 is not finished yet.

When the new layout engine is finished, the development of panel 1.0 will begin, as a rewrite of the current codebase is needed to work with it. So unfortunately, there is no ETA for panel 1.0.

I hope that helps, even if it is just a little bit :upside_down_face:

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Thanks for the response @Hoxbro. Given Bokeh is an upstream blocker, I understand timing of Bokeh v3.0 release is critical here… for that, it sounds like it will be ready:

“later this year”

:slightly_smiling_face: :crossed_fingers:

Eagerly awaiting this, as from what I can see, it will be a game changer (in terms of rendering performance) for more complex SPA’s.

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Hi @danwild

The release blog of the latest Panel release normally contains the Panel Roadmap. It does not contain any dates as there are many dependencies outside of Panels control and also lots of the work is done by community contributions.

See for example HoloViz Blog

Thanks @Marc,

Think I visited that page but didn’t make it that far down!
There’s actually a bunch of great info there for the admin/profiling tools too - super helpful thanks :+1:

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