Is there a way to back out the clicked parts from folium pane?

import folium
import panel as pn


m = folium.Map(location=[52.51, 13.39], zoom_start=12)
cfm = folium.ClickForMarker()

pane = pn.pane.plot.Folium(m, height=500)


Similar to pydeck’s click_state

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My understanding is that Folium only supports one-way communication (display). Not two way (events). I believe its stated somewhere in its github issues.

But as it is a javascript library and running in the browser there will be click events somewhere.

Just an idea: Would it be possible to create a ReactiveHTML layout that listens to click events. Put the folium pane into the layout. Get the events to the server side and try to make sense of the events in Python?