Is there a way to trigger refresh button (reload this page button) in Google Chrome

I have PANEL application, where after clicking a button it performs some task. After 5 seconds of performing that task , I want to reload(refresh) the page.

tabs = pn.Tabs(dynamic=True)
update_status_text = pn.widgets.StaticText()

def approve_requests(event):
    update_status_text.value = "APPROVED"
    ## Performing other database transactions here
approve_button = pn.widgets.Button(name='APPROVE', button_type='primary')
## Need to add refresh page code here so that the page I am showing resets. 

I am showing a lot of things on the front page, but here I have added one single thing as an example so that anyone can reproduce this.

Hi @simran,

One possible route to explore selenium maybe, my understanding is through it you pull in drivers for your particular web browser and then you can invoke commands like refresh.

Thank you @carl

It could be possible to use js_on_click with:

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