Is there a way to update hv.image*hvscatter every minute?

Here I show come lines of a code and I and I am trying to update hv.image*hvscatter every minute, my data update everyminute and want my graph on holoview update too.

Here some lines:

dataarray_mercator = rxr.open_rasterio(’/home/aparco/Documentos/GECODES/DASH/kenya/kenya_elevation_scale_2000_v6.tif’).rio.reproject(‘EPSG:3857’)
key_dimensions = [‘x’, ‘y’]

value_dimension = dataarray_mercator.attrs[“long_name”] # ‘elevation’
hv.extension(‘bokeh’, logo=False)
clipping = {‘NaN’: ‘#00000000’}

height=image_height, width=image_width,
tools=[‘hover’], active_tools=[‘wheel_zoom’],
hv.opts.Tiles(active_tools=[‘wheel_zoom’], height=map_height, width=map_width))

coords = [(-82.0 - i, i) for i in range(-20,-2,1)]
scatter = hv.Scatter(coords)
scatter.opts(color=‘w’, size=5)

hv_dataset_mercator = hv.Dataset(dataarray_mercator[0], vdims=value_dimension, kdims=key_dimensions)
hv_image_mercator = hv.Image(hv_dataset_mercator)
combined_figure = (hv_image_mercator*scatter)

bokeh_obj = hv.render(combined_figure)

Thans for any suggestions, I am new in bokeh and holoview.

Try to take a look at: Deploying Bokeh Apps — HoloViews v1.16.2

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