Is there a way to validate a parameter in param?

I want to do something equivalent to:

from pydantic import BaseModel, field_validator

class Test(BaseModel):
    x: int = 1

    def convert_to_int(cls, value):
        return int(value)  # Convert incoming value to int

# Usage
test = Test(x="3")
print(test.x)  # Output: 3

Using param:

import param

class Test(param.Parameterized):

    x = param.Number(default=1, bounds=(0, 10))

    @param.depends("x", watch=True)
    def _update_x(self):
        self.x = int(self.x)

test = Test()
test.x = "3"

I get:

ValueError: Number parameter 'Test.x' only takes numeric values, not <class 'str'>.