"Is there anyone who is able to use holoviews in Safari?"

Has it already been known issue?

On the safari, layout the more than one figure is too large space. While on the chrome this problem does not occur.

This issue is present even in the example script on the HoloViews website.

For instance, the output of the code from this link on my Safari browser shows:

As you can see, there is very wide spacing between the top and bottom figures. Scrolling is required to see the bottom figure.

On the other hand, everything displays correctly in Chrome.

Is there a way to avoid this inconvenience?

Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

Seems like a larger bug than extra space; it’s supposed to show Spikes

Can you report this as a bug in a GitHub issue?

Oh, I guess if you scroll down, spikes is there.

Thank you for your comment.

Yes, I have known the spikes appear by scrolling down. That’s why I said “too large space”.

I have already posted (Correct (/control) spacing in layout · Issue #6311 · holoviz/holoviews · GitHub), but I’m wondering someone knows the way to avoid it.