Javascript resources not correctly loaded

I essentially followed the documentation to run Panel behind
a reverse proxy configuration with an Apache web server. It works
fine, until the user actually tries to connect with the session.

Then a bunch of javascript errors appear in the console, for
example HTTP 404 error that javascript resource files
like bokeh_gl.min.js, panel.min.js could not be found. Are there any
special steps that I need to take here?

I configured the Apache virtual host with a directory for static resources,
however this is empty. How I can make sure these JS files are automatically loaded from
a web Javascript repo if they cannot be found on the server?

For now you could just switch to CDN resources by setting the environment variable BOKEH_RESOURCES="CDN". By default resources are served from the /static/ endpoint on the server.

That sounds great, thanks for this advice! I will check immediately laters.

Everything works as expected now! Thanks for the quick responses :slight_smile:

As an a-side, I noticed that some vegaplot resources
are not on CDN apparently, right now I do not need
them though.

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Hi @mhueser

Could you file an issue on Github? Bugs reported here could get lost. Thanks.