Jupyterlab output cell with panel seems to be too small

Trying to run this locally. Used to work for me, but now output cell in Jupyter lab doesn’t accommodate output. Unfortunately I didn’t keep track of which versions of various packages for which this worked.

import panel as pn
import pandas as pd
import altair as alt

from bokeh.sampledata import stocks


title = '## Stock Explorer Altair'

tickers = ['AAPL', 'FB', 'GOOG', 'IBM', 'MSFT']

def get_df(ticker, window_size):
    df = pd.DataFrame(getattr(stocks, ticker))
    df['date'] = pd.to_datetime(df.date)
    return df.set_index('date').rolling(window=window_size).mean().reset_index()

def get_plot(ticker, window_size):
    df = get_df(ticker, window_size)
    return alt.Chart(df).mark_line().encode(x='date', y='close')

interact = pn.interact(get_plot, ticker=tickers, window_size=(1, 21, 5))

    pn.Column(title, interact[0]),
python 3.8.0
Mac OS

Package           Version  
----------------- ---------
altair            4.0.1    
bokeh             2.0.0    
jupyterlab        2.0.1    
pandas            1.0.3    
panel             0.9.3    
vega-datasets     0.8.0    

Known labextensions:
   app dir: /Users/Brent/python_env/env1/share/jupyter/lab
        @pyviz/jupyterlab_pyviz v1.0.0  enabled  OK

Thanks for the detailed report, I’ve seen someone else report this but haven’t actually been able to reproduce it so this will be invaluable.

Great … after thinking some more, I am pretty sure it last worked with JupyterLab >= 1, but < 2, and I think pyviz extension 0.7. But I unfortunately don’t really recall at all what version of panel I was using

Nothing to do with JupyterLab in the end it’s down to a bug in the Vega model. Fixed here: https://github.com/holoviz/panel/pull/1201, the fix will be in Panel 0.9.4

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Really appreciate fast response!

I have the same problem. In my panel dashboard the plots (created in Altair) are not shown (it worked in panel version 0.7). I tried code above in Windows Jupyter Notebook 1.0.0 and also the plot not shown.
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I upgraded to panel 0.9.4 this AM and that seemed to fix things for me. Also upgraded to altair 4.1, but assuming that panel 0.9.4 is what fixed things