Large file size when saving chorepleth map as html

I have a choropleth map with dropdown menu for an extra dim.
So far so good.

I wish to use this dynamic map in a blog post, so I save the map as html (to keep the interactivity from the dropdown menu). However, the html-file is way to large for my purpose.

What can I do to minimize the file? like this (seems light and easy for the browser).

Can I simplify the map or compress in any other way? or do I need a complete new set up?

Seems like it’s either that the choropleth is already large even in a single frame (in which case you can simplify it by dropping some coordinates?), or else there are very many dropdown options (in which case you can show a subset of the available options?). I don’t know of a way to compress it.

Are the shapes the same across all values of the dropdown (with only the coloring changing each time)? If so maybe the shapes are being broadcast to all the choropleth frames in a way that can be avoided somehow.

For a choropleth I think we could add an optimization to HoloViews to avoid embedding the polygon coordinates on each frame and only update the color values. Can you add a feature request to that effect on HoloViews?