Lighting AI + Panel: Free hosting and the possibility to create highly performant distributed applications

You can now use Panel with the Lightning AI framework that makes it easy to develop and deploy (distributed) AI applications.

:point_right: Check out the Lightning Panel Docs

It is also important for those of you that just want to create data apps and share them very easily and free with friends or the community. Lightning provides very, very easy to use deployment and hosting to powerful servers by executing just one line in your terminal:

lightning run app --cloud

I really hope to see some of you start sharing your data apps as showcases here on discourse and on social media.

Have fun



wow this is wicked ,
like i totally couldn’t follow your docker files , or the server guides …
but this… now this for a newbie… this I can do . thanks Marc !

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For deployment there are some issues. See PanelFrontend not working on cloud due to too low refetchInterval · Issue #14786 · Lightning-AI/lightning · GitHub.

The documentation of Lightning needs an update.