Link in html results in about:blank#blocked in panel 1.2, works in panel 0.14

I recreated a simple example of what i’m seeing.
The behavior works in panel 0.14, but results in the about:blank#blocked in panel 1.2
(this is on the same browser, etc, only difference is the later version of panel)

I have local links enabled in the browser, so can show a file url under normal circumstances (we use them for showing some results easily)

here is sample code:

import os
import panel as pn
pn.extension( template='bootstrap', notifications=True, )
testfile = '/home/granierij/output.txt'
with open(testfile,'w') as fp:
fp.write("hello world!")
p = os.path.basename(testfile)
html = pn.pane.HTML()
html.object = f'html pane with link to file <a href="file://X:/{p}" target="_blank" > file {p}</a>'
pane = pn.Column(html)

In panel 0.14 it results in

and clicking the link results in

Using panel 1.2


but nothing happens with the link, but if I right-click and say ‘open link in new tab’, it shows

I’m sorry if this is a dumb question, but it would seem panel 1.2 somehow is informing the browser as if the link is possibly dangerous or otherwise marking it as unclickable…?

Is there a proper way to do this in panel 1.2 ?

Thanks for any help