Link_selection with hvplot (scatter) and hvplot.points (lon,lat)

A geographical object created via
geo = df.hvplot.points(‘longitudes’,‘latitudes’,geo=True, tiles=‘OSM’,color=‘red’, alpha=0.2,xlim=(-130, -60), ylim=(20, 60))
This displays fine as stand alone.

scatter = df.hvplot(x=‘x’, y='y,kind=‘scatter’,responsive=True,min_height=150)
This display fine as stand alone.

However when I do
ls2 = hv.link_selections.instance()
ls2(scatter) + ls2(geo)

returns an error “AttributeError: ‘WMTS’ object has no attribute ‘_transforms’”.

Tried with conda installs + pip installs and both yield the same error.
Any thoughts ?
Thanks in advance

Sorry to unearth a dead thread, but having run into this problem myself, I figured I would help a fellow user out. For whatever reason, the tile layer is incompatible with the linker, but you can fix it as follows:

from geoviews.element.geo import WMTS

WMTS._transforms = []

This is of course a hack, but as far as I can tell it has no negative consequences. Now there will be a _transforms attr on your WMTS class and you can use link selections with basemaps.

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Thanks for sharing! Would you like to submit a PR in GeoViews to fix this?

Sure, I can take a look at doing this. It should be as simple as setting that attr to an empty list at the class level.

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