Link_selections not working in AWS Sagemaker

I am able to get link_selections working fine with box select when running through the tutorial on my local JupyterNotebook, set up through Conda as detailed in the tutorial. No problems here.

When I upload the same earthquakes-projected.parq file to my S3 bucket and load it into a Jupyter Notebook through Sagemaker (I’ve tried both Sagemaker Studio and classic Sagemaker), I can’t get linked brushing to work when calling hv.link_selections.instance() as detailed in the 04_Interlinked_Plots notebook. Both histograms display just fine, the same way they do in my local Juypter Notebook environment, but box selecting does not actually select and resample any data. I’ve tried both Python 3.10 and 3.7 instances.

Has anyone gotten link_selections to work in an AWS environment?



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Hi @jburdo1

Welcome to the community.

Can you described the easiest way someone could try to reproduce the issue? Someone not familiar with Sagemaker.