Most efficient way to plot vertex and connections

I have 2 arrays the first one is a 2D array with vertices (vertex)
And the second one an array which defines links between vertices (links)
For the moment I use this code to do the plot:

hv.Overlay([hv.Path(vertex[link], kdims=['y', 'x']).opts(color='red', line_width=4) for link in links]).opts(...)

It gives me the result I expect:

However since I endup with an overlay with 436 paths the display is slow

Is there a better way to achive this?

Can you simply create a hv.Curve?

No It gives me that :

I found the solution:

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Iā€™m a bit curious, so do you mind showing a reduced example of what links and vertex look like?

vertex and links are the intersection of a 3D object with a plane



And links describe the connection of the vertices

Cool! Thanks :smile: So the vertex contains the (x,y) points, while links contains pairs of indexes which are linked in the vertex?