Move hvplot.xarray() widgets/box to sidebar

I´m working with a xarray dataset to visualize the sea surface temperature. So my question is, is it possible to move the widgets/box/location from the plot to a sidebar. I´m working with the FastListTemplate in panel and my plot is appearing well in main area, but I can´t move the widgets to the sidebar.

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Something like Customizing the Scrubber - #3 by ahuang11

Hi @mikkli

Did the link posted by @ahuang11 help you solve your issue?

If not please post a Minimal reproducible example - Wikipedia of what you are trying to achieve. Then I believe the community can quickly turn that into an example that will help you.

Thanks for your help, but it is not right solution for me.
I appreciate your feedback.

Hello Mark,
No the link, isn´t the right solution for me, but I will take a look at the link on Wikipedia and see if I can make a minimal reproducible example of my hvplots.
Anyway thanks for your help.

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