Moving Colorbar in Matplotlib Backend


I’m finializing figures for a publication and need to now produce SVG output. Probably it’s better to switch to the matplotlib backend for this (or am I mistaken here?)

I’m trying to re-apply options from bokeh to matplotlib (here, an automatic translator would be fantastic, but I realize this is a big ask). I’m trying to move colorbars from the side to the bottom, but this doesn’t seem to be working.

Any hints?


I don’t think horizontal colorbars are supported in holoviews as their positions are semi-hardcoded / computed to be on the right

an automatic translator would be fantastic , but I realize this is a big ask

I drafted something like that a while ago, check out

but of course your mileage may vary. Those are just scripts for my own use that I adjust as I go, they are probably not comprehensive. But maybe they’ll give you a starting point.

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