Multi Layer App in Panel

Hello Panel Community!
I discovered Panel this week, and found It quite useful, I want to know the different way to build a multi-layer App using Panel, and if there is any custom templates to use for beginners.

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Hi @Ouma

Welcome to the community.

If by multi-layer App you mean an app with multiple sub-apps. Then the most straightforward approach is

  1. Use panel serve to serve multiple files at multiple endpoints. See Launching a server on the commandline in
  2. Use panel.serve to serve multiple panels at multiple endpoints
  3. Create an app where you can select a new sub-app in a dropdown menu or by clicking a button. Change to the new sub-app by replacing the content of a panel.Column with the new sub-app. This is basically the principle behind You might be able to reuse the code but it would probably not be a plug and play experience :slight_smile:
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