Multiapp index page templating

I am trying to figure out how to make the multi app index page of the Panel Server look more like the wonderful template created and deployed by @Marc for his Awesome Panel App Gallery. I’ve dug into his code and found some mentions of a now deprecated awesome-panel package and of Jinja2, but it is kind of hard to figure out. Help please?

I don’t know if you are still curious about this, but the index.html template on Github is what it’s based off of. Assuming you pass your apps as arguments and mix up the variables to have your own design you could create your own custom index page.

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If I need is my own HTML file that I can customize how would I pass that index.html to the panel server to overide the default one?

Judging by the source code for panel’s file it seems like you have to pass a --index flag with either a template that ends in .html or one of the applications being served by default.

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I will try it out and post any progress/particularities here. Thank you Mr. @robml .

Just an update, I just tried passing in my own template, and for some reason it does not work.

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Hi @robml

Could you try posting a minimum, reproducible example of what you have been doing?

Then we could potentially collaborate a bit on it. And it could end up as a “how-to add custom index page” guide.

Hey @Mark, I just added a full description for the login and index page issues on the Custom Index and Login Template Does Not Work question since it is more comprehensive and applies here as well.