Mutators in tabulator?

is it possible to setup mutators on columns - i have a table whose columns would be dependent on the value of one of the other columns.

So if i change column A value with a patch command, then i would want column C formula to update (lets say its value is 2x column A).

It seems to be easy to do this in actual tabulator - could be defined when the columns are defined/table defined… didn’t see an easy way in the panel version…

Panel is great for the overall layout being super easy so id like to stay in that world vs moving to full tabulator and then trying to learn some other layout/programming lang

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Using Mutators is not supported. But you could make a feature Request on Github.

One question is whether you prefer the mutators to run Python functions on the server (python, slower) or javascript in the client (fast).

One day it might be possible to run simple python in the client using micropython.

Tabulator Mutators: Mutators & Accessors | Tabulator

One strategi you can use right now is to react to events. This example binds to cell changed events and updates values in the table Portfolio Analyzer — Panel v1.2.1

java side would be fine - they are relatively simple calculations