Navigating Multi-page app in deployment

I am trying to get a Panel dashboard production ready, and part of that was deploying onto the server. It’s a multi-page app, however instead of navigating via the index page, there are buttons on the page itself that worked on a local server between pages.

Now, when it deploys to IPADDRESS:5006/app when a button is pressed to navigate to say, page 2 as IPADDRESS:5006/page2 or even IPADDRESS:5006/app/page2 I get a 404. Any idea why this may be happening?

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Hi @robml

Could you share some more information?

  • What exactly does your command to start the panel application look like?
  • What are the file names you are serving?
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Hi @Marc so here is what I have at the bottom of my file that is the main application:


},static_dirs={'assets': './static/assets','thumbnails':'./static/assets/thumbnails'},

where page1,page2,page3 are all functions that return the appropriate page.

Consequently, I use the following command to run the server:

~$ panel serve --address IPADDRESS --allow-websocket-origin=IPADDRESS:5006

where IPADDRESS is just a placeholder.

In this instance I am only serving the one file but such that it has functions that each return a different page, kindly let me know if I have left something unclear.

@Marc is this issue unsolvable at the moment? Would I need to integrate with another framework?