ndOverlay legend exclusive selection / de-selection possible via double click?


Is it possible with a legend generated from a holoviews ndOverlay to replicate the double-click exclusive selected behavior of a plotly dash graph?

In a plotly graph, double-clicking on an item in the legend will select it, and then deselect (ie, hide or mute) everything else.

If you then double-click on it again, it will unhide/unmute everything

A nice-to-have would be for the graph to auto-adjust its domain and range to fit the exclusively-selected item - in fact plotly will do that as long as you’ve not zoomed into a portion of the graph, but it assumes that if you’ve zoomed in, you will want to keep the domain and range of the graph the same because you’re probably interested in the current view area of the zoomed in graph.

I think single click is built-in to hide lines; not sure about the double click.

Hi @giftculture

Someone in the HoloViz community might know. But as the underlying plotting backend is Bokeh and the double-click feature would have to be provided by Bokeh its probably more realistic to find an answer in their community forum. Try double-posting your question there.