Nginx Widget Display - Empty Template

Hi all,

I recently created an nginx service to proxy the bokeh server that holds my dashboard. The gateway is working fine but the Template is empty. No widgets, no plots. Just the title and sidebar with their respective colors. I learned that it might be caused by pointing the path to the static and media files, but even when I do that it gets worse. The empty template resumes but even more distorted. I think my problem is with the path I’m setting for the static and media files. Would appreciate your guidance.

Did anyone had that problem?

With panel you have a ton of javascript sitting in the app’s virtual environment to be served as static files by the app’s bokeh server by default. I was able to make deploying panel apps easier by using the --prefix option to make sure that the app gets the requests for that app’s javascript.
Thread here : Basic deployment on nginx

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how do you use the prefix argument?

Panel serve has a —prefix option
The nginx config I used is on the other thread

alright but what do you specify as value for the --prefix argument?

The --prefix argument passed to your app startup command and the location in the nginx config that proxies to your app (as shown in the other thread) need to match, but otherwise the prefix can be whatever makes sense to you

ah I see… thanks!
I actually realized that the Huawei’s firewall was blocking the bokeh items. Thank you for helping out!