Nodes and Edges in holoviews?

Hi everyone! I coded a Holoviews x bokeh x datashader App, which should use the Djikstra Algorithm to be able to show the fastest route on the map. I am trying it out with parquet files, which 1 of the pq files has the nodes with the columns: index, name(city), latitude, longitude. And the other pq file has the columns: start, end. Based of the index. I merged both with the keys index and start. I am able to make Nodes on the map with hv.Nodes() but I am not able to make edges? I tried to use the hv.Graph() but for me the documentation is not understandable.

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Hi @ibraydiner

Could you include a minimum, reproducible example with data? It is the only way to understand your issue and to try to help you.