Non-equidistant x-axis ticks on the boxwhisker plot

Hello dear team,

Is the non-equidistant x-axis ticks when rendering is a feature of the boxwhisker implementation?

What do I mean: compare following figures

Non-equidistant x-axis ticks (original example Boxplot Chart — HoloViews v1.18.1) Equidistant x-axis ticks (see implementation example at Equidistant axis ticks for Holoviews boxplot chart (boxwhisker) · GitHub)

It’s bokeh as backend. But maybe it matters to others.

Does it make sense to send a ehnancement proposal issue to GitHub - holoviz/holoviews: With Holoviews, your data visualizes itself. smth like “Add an optional display of boxwhisker with equidistant x-axis ticks”?