One Legend to rule multiple Holoviews in subpanes?

I’ve been stumbling my way through reimplementations in hvplot - holoviews - panel, as I kept finding limitations at each layer (is there any place where I could give feedback on the docs?).

But now I’m stuck. In Holoviews (using I had a single Legend controlling mute functionality across multiple plots - see first plot served by the attached example.
But I had to move to Panels for more layout flexibility, and now (with each plot’s Legend works independently, which is confusing because the axis do work together - see 2nd plot served by the attached example.
Is there any way I can “reconnect” or “unify” the Legends in the Panel version, so I can keep only one Legend?

Similarly for the Bokeh toolbar: in Panel it’s now independent for each subplot. Can they be unified?

Also, I’d be grateful for any hint on how to disable vertical scrolling in the spikes plot.

import numpy as np
import holoviews as hv
import hvplot
from holoviews import opts
import panel as pn

N = 100
series = ['fee', 'fie', 'foo']
NSERIES = len(series)
data = {}
hists = {}
spikes = {}
bars = {}
bins = np.linspace(-5,5,20)
for i,s in enumerate(series):
    data[s] = i+ np.random.randn(N)
    frequencies, edges = np.histogram(data[s], bins)
    hists[s] = hv.Histogram((edges, frequencies))
    spikesV = [s]*N # for the hover tool
    spikes[s] = hv.Spikes((data[s],spikesV), kdims='x').opts(position=i)
    bars[s] = hv.Bars(([s],2*i+np.random.randn(1)),vdims=['Frequency'])

hists_plot = hv.NdOverlay(hists)
    opts.Histogram(alpha=0.7, responsive=True, height=500,  tools=['hover'],
                   autorange='y',ylim=(0,None), xlim=(-5,5),padding=(0, (0, 0.1)),show_legend=True, muted=True),
                   autorange='y',ylim=(0,None), xlim=(-5,5),padding=(0, (0, 0.1)),show_legend=True),

spikes_plot = hv.NdOverlay(spikes).opts(yticks=[((i+1)-0.5, s) for i,s in enumerate(series)])
    opts.Spikes(spike_length=1,line_alpha=1,responsive=True, height=50+NSERIES*20,color=hv.Cycle(),ylim=(0,NSERIES),autorange=None,tools=['hover'],yaxis='right', muted=True),

bars_plot = hv.NdOverlay(bars)
    opts.Bars(alpha=0.7, responsive=True, height=500,  tools=['hover'],
                   autorange='y',ylim=(0,None),padding=(0, (0, 0.1)), muted=True),
                   autorange='y',ylim=(0,None),padding=(0, (0, 0.1)),show_legend=False),

hs_plot = hists_plot + spikes_plot + bars_plot

gspec = pn.GridSpec(sizing_mode='stretch_both', min_height=800)
mc = 4 # max col
mr = 5 # max row
gspec[0:mc, 0:mr] = pn.pane.HoloViews(hists_plot)
gspec[0:mc,   mr] = pn.pane.HoloViews(bars_plot)
gspec[mc  , 0:mr] = pn.pane.HoloViews(spikes_plot)


You can give feedback here or on Discord. But the probability of something action upon it is biggest on github holoviz/holoviews. So I would recommend putting in specific, actionable feedback there.

Unify Toolbars

Its currently not possible. There is a feature request here. If you comment on it and describe your need there it has a higher probability of being prioritized.

Unify Legends

I have not seen a feature request. Try searching the Panel Github issues. If there is no existing feature request feel free to make one.

Vertical Scrolling issue

I hope someone else can help