Orthogonal view of a 3D data set

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Is there some example on how to create an orthogonal view into a 3D data set with holoviews? More specifically, we would like to create a widget with Holoview to allow users to dynamically view a 3D data set similar to how they would typically do with ImageJ’s orthogonal view (see attached screenshot).

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Hello @KedoKudo, this is not exactly the interaction you ask for but this can be a starting point.

# option1 need to install scikit-image and pooch
import skimage
cells = skimage.data.cells3d()[:,1,:,:]

# option2 download "https://gitlab.com/scikit-image/data/-/raw/master/cells3d.tif"
#cells = skimage.io.imread('cells3d.tif')[:,1,:,:]

import holoviews as hv
from holoviews import streams
import xarray as xr
import hvplot.xarray
import panel as pn
import numpy as np

wz, wx, wy = cells.shape
xs,ys,zs = np.arange(256), np.arange(255,-1,-1), np.arange(60)
da = xr.DataArray(cells,dims=['z','x','y'],coords=dict(z=zs,x=xs,y=ys),name='intensity')

def crosshair(x,y):
    x = 0 if x is None else np.clip(x,0,255)
    y = 0 if y is None else np.clip(y,0,255)
    return hv.HLine(y)*hv.VLine(x)

def ximage(x,y):
    x = 0 if x is None else int(np.clip(x,0,255))
    return da.sel(x=x).hvplot('z','y',cmap='gray').opts(tools=[],frame_width=wz,frame_height=wy,title='')

def yimage(x,y):
    y = 0 if y is None else int(np.clip(y,0,255))
    return da.sel(y=y).hvplot(cmap='gray').opts(tools=[],frame_width=wx,frame_height=wz,title='')

def view(z):
    img = da.sel(z=z).hvplot('x','y',cmap='gray').opts(tools=[],frame_width=wx,frame_height=wy,title='')
    pointer = streams.PointerXY(x=0,y=0,source=img)
    zimg = img*hv.DynamicMap(crosshair,streams = [pointer])
    ximg = hv.DynamicMap(ximage,streams = [pointer])
    yimg = hv.DynamicMap(yimage,streams = [pointer])
    return (zimg+ximg+yimg).cols(2)

zw = pn.widgets.IntSlider(start=0,end=60,name='z')

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great, I will use this as a starting point :smile: