Panel 0.10.0

We are very, very pleased to announce the 0.10 release of Panel! This release focuses on adding a number of powerful features requested by our users, including:

  • A set of easy-to-use Templates built on common CSS frameworks such as Bootstrap, GoldenLayout and MaterialUI
  • New layout components like Card and Accordion layouts
  • Support for rendering ipywidgets inside Panel apps
  • A new ECharts pane
  • A set of Indicators, which are particularly useful for building BI dashboards
  • Support for authenticated access to Panel apps, via OAuth components for GitHub, Okta, Azure AD, GitLab, or Twitter accounts
  • URL parameters for linking directly to the current state of a Panel app, selecting from options by syncing URL parameters to widget values
  • Easily serving static assets alongside your application
  • Support for adding a REST API to your application for automated querying and monitoring
  • Support for deferring computations until the page is rendered and indicating when the server is busy

Many, many thanks to the people who contributed to this release, including @philippjfr (author, maintainer, release manager), @MarkSkovMadsen (alert pane, templates, docs), @xavArtley (VTK improvements, templates, input/spinner widgets), @maximlt (panel serve), @jbednar (docs, reviewing), @kebowen (templates), @ahuang11 (datepicker), @nghenzi (react template, bugfixes), @nritsche (panel serve), @ltalirz (autocomplete input), @BoBednar (docs), @tmikolajczyk, @halilbay, @Hoxbro, and @ceball (testing and automation).

If you are using Anaconda, you can get the latest Panel with conda install -c pyviz panel , and using pip you can install it with pip install panel.

See the announcement blog post here.


Thanks for this release, it looks great.
I tried the deferred loading example but I managed to make it work only by changing the test in plot_ticker from if 'stocks' not in pn.state.cache or ticker: to if 'stocks' not in pn.state.cache:.
Otherwise the spinner never stops spinning.

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FYI @philippjfr

There is also a typo in the ipywidgets section. It should be conda install -c bokeh ipywidgets_bokeh

Thanks for all the cool stuff! Great new features.

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Thank you. Iā€™m looking forward to trying out the templates.

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