Panel 0.12.0 Multipage Apps and Index Page

Panel 0.12.0 adds a really nice new INDEX PAGE when serving a multi page app.

Checkout out my youtube video for the details and the Panel 0.12.0 blog post



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It looks awesome and i love it.
Are there any reasons why the background image is not configurable?
Your gallery index on awesome-panel allows custom images and icons for each card, is there a plan to integrate that for panel too?

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Hi @Stubatiger

I’ve tried to get something supported in Panel c.f. FastGalleryTemplate · Pull Request #2320. But I have not yet been able to make something that @philippjfr would approve :slight_smile:.

I think its important and @nghenzi2019 and @Arifin have also been asking about this.

For now you can do what I do here You can either use the awesome-panel-extensions package directly or carve out the files in that package and include them in your own code.

I have been thinking about carving the GalleryTemplate and a few other things out into a panel-site package that makes it easier to create a site of applications similar to

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+1 here

Customizable gallery template would indeed be… Awesome!
App icon / size

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On the back of this. How is it possible that the CSS elements on the default gallery page can’t be changed via:

css = """
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Hi @danmaty

If you need that functionality please make a Feature Request on Github.

Hi @Marc

Thank you as I’ve managed to make the changes that I needed based on posts from you and @philippjfr in another thread using the --index … method, but will make a request regardless.

Also, keep up the good work! Panel is simply amazing!!!