Panel 0.12.5

The 0.12.5 release contains a larger number of bug fixes and minor enhancements. Many thanks to @pmav99, @samuelyeewl, @xavArtley, @L8Y, @Prashant0kgp, @t-houssian, @kristw, @jlstevens and the maintainers @maximlt, @MarcSkovMadsen and @philippjfr for their contributions to this release.


  • Ensure ipywidget rendering is compatible with ipykernel>6 and bokeh>2.4 (#2798)
  • Build panel.js against bokeh.js 2.4.2 (#2945)


  • Add ‘light’ to list of button types ([#2814, #2816)
  • Make OAuth cookie expiry configurable (#2724)
  • Run onload callbacks with --warm option (#2844)
  • Improve Plotly responsive sizing behavior (#2838)
  • Adds escape parameter to DataFrame pane to enable using html markup (#2893)
  • Allow to update the completions options from a parameter (#2895)
  • Tabs cache dynamic contents (#2909)
  • Allow setting a maximum height for the loading indicator (#2910)
  • Ensure loading of MathJax bundle is optional (#2919)

Bug fixes:

  • Resolve issues with inline resources on save (#2794)
  • Restore ability to set a maximum number of selectable rows on Tabulator (#2791)
  • Fixed bug where Tabulator with remote pagination would modify the wrong rows (#2801)
  • Ensure non-exported requirejs modules do not error (#2808)
  • Ensure Tabulator checkbox selection only happens in checkbox column (#2812)
  • Vtkvolume correction of dimensions order (#2818)
  • Allow data item to miss optional field in Vega pane (#2853)
  • Allow to set AutoCompleteInput in a Param pane (#2874)
  • Fix Terminal keystroke and size handling (#2878)
  • Fix Tabulator styles on scroll (#2881)
  • Do not sync Indicator properties from frontend to avoid errors (#2886)
  • Fix roundtrip of datetimes on ReactiveData components (#2888)
  • Fix handling of Plotly pane in Tabs (#2890)
  • Fix bokeh colorbar background for dark theme (#2897)
  • Fix issues when streaming or patching ReactiveData (#2900)
  • Ensure stream and patch events do not boomerang (#2902)
  • Fixes for Card rendering in MaterialTemplate (#2911, #2912)
  • Ensure HoloViews matplotlib output uses tight layout (#2920)
  • Fix decoding of single quoted strings in url parameters (#2925)
  • Fix Tabulator checkbox selection (#2931)
  • Fix Vega pane sizing issues (#2933)
  • Ensure toggled Accordion only triggers one event on change of active Card (#2934)
  • Ensure LiteralInput JS deserializer does not insert extra spaces (#2935)
  • Fix issue in detecting script data assignment in ReactiveHTML (#2939)
  • Ensure Card collapsible icon offset is computed robustly (#2940)
  • Ensure --autoreload does not reload panel modules (#2941)
  • Ensure pn.state.curdoc is available to async callbacks (#2942)


  • Fix default values of
  • Update docs about pn.serve per user state (#2849)
  • Added FastApi in the user guide for embedding apps (#2870)
  • Simplify homepage (#2850)


  • Update jQuery to remediate CVEs (#2885)

Hi @philippjfr, how do you recommend adopting this new release, working with anaconda environments?

Update the panel package in your environment or always create a new environment and follow installation procedure in Getting Started — Panel 0.12.5 documentation?

Matter of preference really, there’s certainly no hard requirement to create a new environment each time. Personally I just update.