Panel 0.13.0 Release

Hi everyone!

The day has finally arrived and Panel 0.13.0 has been released. Find the announcement blog post here and the full release notes here.

If you are using Anaconda, you can get the latest Panel with conda install -c pyviz panel, and using pip you can install it with pip install panel.

Many, many thanks to everyone who filed issues or contributed to this release. Since the Panel 0.12 release we had a whopping 30 contributors! Many thanks to @nghenzi, @Stubatiger, @hyamanieu, @samuelyeewl, @ARTUSI, @pmav99, @Prashant0kgp, @L8Y, @ingebert, @rahulporuri, @lemieux, @blelem, @raybellwaves, @sdc50, @sophiamyang, @gnowland, @govinda18, @maartenbreddels, @andriyor, @j-r77, @robmarkcole, @douglas-raillard-arm, @Kadek, @joelostblom for contributing various fixes and improvements. Special thanks for the growing list of core contributors and maintainers including @jbednar, @xavArtley, @Hoxbro, @philippjfr, @maximlt, @MarcSkovMadsen and @philippjfr for continuing to push the development of Panel.

We are all very excited about this release and especially what comes next. Thanks for being part of this community. Iā€™m particularly excited to see what you build with the new features in this release so please keep sharing your amazing creations!


Congratulations! Cant wait until i get the time to do something with panel again!