Panel 0.13.1 release

This release is primarily a bug fix release but also includes a number of enhancements. Many thanks to @Hoxbro, @joelostblom, @raybellwaves, @pdrok, @tlvu, @govinda18, @MridulS and the core maintainers @MarcSkovMadsen, @maximlt and @philippjfr for contributing to this release.


  • Add repr to cell and edit events (#3434)
  • Improvements for pyodide handling (#3444, #3508, #3511)
  • Add support for Plotly animation frames (#3449)
  • Implement single and multi-selection in Vega pane (#3470, #3499, #3505)
  • Add typehints to help developers and users (#3476)
  • Add pn.state.execute method to run callbacks in the right context (#3550)
  • Add support for asynchronous on_edit/on_click Tabulator callbacks (#3550)
  • Add DatetimeRangeSlider widget (#3548)

Bug fixes

  • Fix pyodide array buffer conversion (#3409)
  • Allow placeholder to be updated on TextEditor (#3427)
  • Fix issues editing data in sorted columns (#3431)
  • Ensure bokeh correctly detects whether HTML/Markdown contains latex (#3438)
  • Ensure notifications work on server created with pn.serve and .show (#3445)
  • Replace slickgrid background image in custom FastTemplate CSS (#3461)
  • Ensure param.Array is synced correctly in ReactiveHTML (#3456)
  • Ensure selection on filtered Tabulator does not raise out-of-bounds error (#3462)
  • Ensure updating Tabulator does not reset scroll position (#3450)
  • Various fixes for FastTemplate CSS (#3464)
  • Ensure Tabulator on_click and on_edit events return correct row when paginated (#3410)
  • Fix broken JupyterLab preview (#3469)
  • Skip Tabulator row selection when clicking on expand button (#3474)
  • Ensure overflow in MaterialTemplate is not clipped (#3492)
  • Allow providing --index for directory style apps (#3493)
  • Ensure Tabulator expanded rows are sized correctly after re-render (#3507)
  • Make CodeHandler robust to document that has been destroyed (#3510)
  • Do not sync DataFrame widget sorters parameter with bokeh model (#3527)
  • Ensure that HoloViews callback events are not auto-dispatched (#3528)
  • Ensure non-updateable Pane can be updated inside Tabs (#3532)
  • Fix slowdown of JupyterLab on Windows (#3531)
  • Fix issue with inverted data when editing a cell in a sorted Tabulator column (#3531)
  • Ensure Tabulator has correct layout after re-render (#3536)
  • Do not log events generated by admin page on the admin page (#3539)
  • Fix Tabulator events when the original column is not a string (#3541)


  • Adds docstrings to layouts (#3417)
  • Show how to filter categorical and temporal data from Altair/VegaLite (#3401)
  • Document how to make a Tabulator column non-editable (#3489)
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