Panel 0.14.2

This release primarily focuses on bug fixes. In particular it resolves various issues with support for rendering ipywidgets (particularly in ipywidgets>=8.0) and also fixes a number of issues with the Jupyter Server previews. Many thanks for @govinda18, @joelostblom, @banesullivan, @xeldnahcram, @geronimogoemon, @minasouliman, @peterfpeterson, @jlstevens and the core maintainers @maximlt, @Hoxbro, @MarcSkovMadsen and @philippjfr for their contributions to this release.


  • Add support for Tqdm.process_map (#4093)
  • Support non-vtkPolyData types in vtk synchronizer (#4124)
  • Allow invoking convert functions from pyodide (#4135)
  • Support step format in date sliders (#4152)
  • Add a Reacton component to simplify rendering (#4190)


  • Ensure Jupyter server extension serves resources, extensions and paths correctly (#4083, #4133, #4202)
  • Ensure IPyWidget comm does not break when new widget is rendered (#4091)
  • Improving detection of comms in VSCode and Google Colab (#4115)
  • Ensure .js mimetype is served correctly on Windows (#4118)
  • Ensure unhiding Tabulator columns renders cells correctly (#4119)
  • Ensure embedded Slider widgets initialize with correct default (#4121)
  • Handle missing event loop in thread gracefully (#4123)
  • Ensure Matplotlib pane handles explicit width/height settings correctly (#4128)
  • Allow Viewer to render servable but non-viewable objects (#4131)
  • Fix regression in tracking sessions in admin interface (#4132)
  • Ensure Tabs headers do not scroll unncessarily (#4146)
  • Ensure Location model reports as idle (#4159)
  • Fix auth error template rendering (#4162)
  • Fix issues with value on EditableSlider when it is outside fixed_start / fixed_end range (#4169)
  • Ensure ipywidgets events are handled the same way as regular events (#4171)
  • Don’t raise TypeError for class which contains __panel__ (#4174)
  • Do not dispatch events if bokeh Document is set to hold events (#4178)
  • Execute onload callbacks immediately in pyodide app (#4191)
  • Improve IPyWidget kernel handling in server contexts (#4195)
  • Fix rendering of IPyWidget with child views in the notebook (#4197)


  • Add JupyterLite build and instructions (#4122)
  • Document deployment to Hugging Face Spaces (#4143)

Some highlights from the Panel 0.14.2 release

Support for Reacton - react for ipywidgets. Check out the Reacton Guide


New guide describing (free) deployment to Hugging Face Spaces. Check out the Hugging Face Spaces Deployment Guide


New guide for building Panelite - a version of Jupyterlite that works with Panel. Check out the guide Running Panel in the Browser with WASM — Panel v0.14.2 or try out Panelite at


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