Panel 0.14.3

This release introduces a large number of bug fixes and minor enhancements. Due to the upcoming release of Panel 1.0 we have also made the unconventional decision to issue new deprecation in a micro release. Specifically the IDOM pane and and Viewable.pprint methods have been scheduled for deprecation. Many thanks to the contributors to this release which include @wendrul, @droumis and the core team @MarcSkovMadsen, @maximlt, @Hoxbro and @philippjfr.



  • Ensure streamed rows on Tabulator can be edited (#4292)
  • Ensure changes on Tabulator formatter and editor models are reflected in frontend (#4296)
  • Ensure cancelling edit does not clear cell on Tabulator (#4343)
  • Ensure inserting empty data on numeric column in Tabulator does not error (#4343)


  • Fix issues rendering components as ipywidgets for some versions of ipykernel (#4289)
  • Add warning if custom resources could not be loaded in notebook (#4329)
  • Ensure notifications are enabled even if hv.extension has been loaded (#4330)
  • Ensure global notification object can be used inside notebook callbacks (#4331)

Type definitions

  • Fix return type of Widget.from_param (#4335)
  • Ensure type annotation allows str and PathLike objects on panel.serve (#4336)
  • Fix type annotations on (#4342)


  • Ensure markdown links render correctly in template sidebar (#4222)
  • Improve .applies for ECharts and DeckGL (#4224)
  • Fix specifying custom --index with relative path (#4288)
  • Skip on_load callbacks in liveness check (#4302)
  • Ensure re-rendered FileDownload still fetches live data (#4328)
  • Fix handling of panel.cache on undecorated Parameterized method (#4332)
  • Ensure user provided hash_funcs are applied in panel.cache (#4334)
  • Fix plotly eventdata undefined val (#4355)
  • Ensure panel convert respects panel.config options (#4359)
  • Propagate options from HoloViews and Bokeh plots to enclosing Pane (#4360)
  • Propagate options from dynamic components such as ParamMethod and Interactive to enclosing layout (#4360)

Minor enhancements

  • Allow to set the log level of the Admin logger (#3495)
  • Make refresh_token available in Auth (#4227)
  • Simplify determining whether script is executed as application with pn.state.served property (#4252)
  • Add loading_indicator to global config (#4259)
  • IPython display compatibility in pyodide builds (#4270)
  • Split PanelJupyterExecutor into separate module (#4276)
  • Allow dynamic loading of javascript modules in ReactiveHTML (#4319)
  • Add Plotly.link_figure parameter (#4333)
  • Ensure CrossSelector filters apply on each keystroke (#4339)
  • Improve startup, error handling and shutdown of Jupyter kernels in jupyter_server_extension (#4364)

Compatibility and Version Updates

  • Upgrade plotly.js to 2.10.1 (#4320)
  • Upgrade to pyodide 0.22.1 in panel convert (#4334)
  • Upgrade to pyscript 2022.12.01 in panel convert (#4334)
  • Fix compatibility of Perspective pane with Numpy 1.24 (#4362)


  • Add deprecation warning to IDOM pane (#4293)
  • Add deprecation warning for and Viewable.pprint methods (#4293, #4347)


  • Add (#4262)
  • Add Gallery VideoStream example (#4047)
  • Add description of literal options to the docs for ReactiveHTML (#3803)
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