Panel 1.1.1

The first micro-release in the 1.1.x series brings a large number of bug fixes and some minor enhancements. The most important fixes include compatibility with JupyterLab 4 and improved support for updating ipywidgets. This release saw a lot of contributors and we welcome @TBym, @Glatzli, @theyashi, and @enismaxim1 to the Panel developer community and thank our existing contributors and maintainers @ahuang11, @Hoxbro, @sophiamyang, @maximlt, @MarcSkovMadsen, and @philippjfr for their continued contributions.


  • Implement per_session cache (#5117)
  • Enhancements for ChatBox including methods to update rows and hide names (#5118, #5118)

Bug fixes

  • Fix Progress indicator sizing_mode (#5051)
  • Fix various ChatBox issues (#5065, #5101, #5101)
  • Ensure kernel shutdown futures are not collected in Jupyter server extension (#5069)
  • Add bokeh version check for notebook to better support bokeh dev versions (#5071, #5093)
  • Fix false warning emitted when constructing a Param pane with throttled or onkeyup (#5078)
  • Allow to updating/clearing enabled_dates on DatetimePicker (#5089)
  • Ensure session arguments are correctly parsed by Jupyter executor (#5106)
  • Fix defer_load handling (#5107)
  • Fix styling with filters in Tabulator (#5110)
  • Fix issues when using in filter with single value on Tabulator (#5125)
  • Add fallback if ReactiveHTML shadow DOM lookup fails (#5126)
  • Allow automatic loading of extensions during launch and warn about missing extensions (#5144)
  • Correctly process fields on Vega (and altair) selections (#5145)
  • Immediately dispatch ColumnDataChangedEvent fixing Plotly plots not updating (#5147)


  • Overhaul Perspective reference page (#5087)
  • Add new HuggingFace deployment documentation (#5158)
  • Enable and document mathjax extension in Markdown reference (#5158)


  • Correctly serialize new IPyWidget models on creation (#5114)
  • Ensure we handle JupyterLab 4 comm messages correctly (#5140)

Backward compatibility

  • Renamed Trend parameter title to name (#5092)