Panel 1.2.1

This micro-release focuses on a small number of enhancements and rendering related bug fixes. Specifically it adds support for notifying users when the page is ready and when the Websocket disconnects using corresponding config options and upgrades the Vizzu version, thereby adding support for tooltips and enabling animations when the data is updated. The bug fixes are primarily focused on ensuring components such as GridStack and Tabulator render correctly and do not unnecessarily re-render or reload stylesheets. Many thanks and welcome to @owenlamont, @sciemon, @DGLaurits, @Ciemarr and @Kislovskiy for their first contributions to Panel and the maintainers @MarcSkovMadsen, @Hoxbro and @philippjfr for contributing to this release.


  • Add config.disconnect_notification and config.ready_notification (#5244)
  • Add Vizzu tooltip support and allow animations when data is updated (#5258)
  • Style tweaks for Card and Select components (#5280)

Bug fixes

  • Ensure GridStack children are sized correctly after render (#5242)
  • Fix Tabulator expanded row rendering (#5253)
  • Fix bug where local PDF pane is rendered as base64 string (#5264)
  • Avoid full re-rendering when updating HTML based components (#5275)
  • Ensure that Design does not trigger unnecessary updates to stylesheets (#5278)
  • Treat Tabulator row_contents as real children ensuring layout behaves correctly (#5292)
  • Fix Video min_height and max_height (#5296)
  • Make TextEditor invisible until CSS is loaded (#5297)
  • Fix disabled parameter on editable sliders (#5319


  • Update pyodide and pyscript versions and switch to compiled build (#5309)


  • Add VS Code How To Guide (#5196)
  • Fix binder (#5257)
  • Various smaller documentation fixes ([#4821], #5249, #5266)
  • Tweak example in the Build an App section of Getting Started (#5302)
  • Update pyodide documentation with latest versions (#5234, #5308)
  • Remove MyST inline directives from JupyterLite notebooks (#5311)

The new VS Code guide can be check out here Configure VS Code — Panel v1.2.1


Would be very interesting to get a similar guide for PyCharm or Jupyter lab.

UPDATE: I’ve fixed the link