Panel 1.3.0 Release

This minor release packs many exciting new features, specifically a new subpackage containing components with powerful capabilities for interacting with LLM whether local or remote. Secondly this release adds compatibility with Param 2.0 bringing powerful new features including the ability to leverage reactive expressions using the rx wrapper and deeper support for reactively linking parameters, expressions and bound functions on Panel components. Lastly we overhauled the OAuth implementations adding support for code authorization and password based OAuth grant workflows and automatically refreshing the access_token when it expires. Beyond that this release includes many enhancements and numerous bug fixes. Special thanks to our first time contributors @aktech and @monodera and returning contributors @cdeil, @pierrotsmnrd and @TheoMartin. We also want to highlight the contribution of our new core contributor @ahuang11 for developing the chat components and recognize @MarcSkovMadsen and @philippjfr for their efforts on testing and improving these new components. Finally we thank the entire core team @Hoxbro, @MarcSkovMadsen, @maximlt, @ahuang11 and @philippjfr for their continued efforts.


  • Integrate support for param reactive expressions and expose pn.rx (#5138, #5582)
  • Implement ChatMessage, ChatFeed and ChatInterface components (#5333)
  • Unify OAuth implementations and refresh access_token (#5627)
  • Add ColorMap widget (#5647)


  • Add unit to widget in HoloViews pane if provided (#5535)
  • Allow registering global on_session_destroyed callback (#5585)
  • Implement auto_grow on TextAreaInput (#5592)
  • Add ability to redirect users from authorization callback (#5594)
  • Add support for Path object in FileDownload (#5607)
  • Add authorization_code and password based OAuth login handlers (#5547)
  • Add format to EditableFloatSlider and EditableIntSlider (#5631)
  • Add support for decorating async functions with (#5649)
  • Map param.Bytes to FileInput widget (#5665)

Bug fixes

  • Fixes for Column invisible scroll_button taking space (#5532)
  • Guard undefined values from being set on BrowserInfo (#5588)
  • Fix thumbnails and use Panel design on index page (#5595)
  • Fix regressions in TextEditor caused by migration to shadow DOM (#5609)
  • Sync location state from request (#5581)
  • Fix Select widget label offset in Material Design (#5639)
  • Override token contents when reusing sessions (#5640)
  • Fix patching a table with a DataFrame with a custom index (#5645)
  • Set FloatPanel status correctly on initialization (#5651)
  • Fix patching table with pd.Timestamp values (#5650)
  • Ensure notifications and browser_info are loaded when HoloViews is loaded (#5657)
  • Gracefully handle resolution of invalid paths in _stylesheets (#5666)
  • Handle patching tables with NaT values (#5675)


  • Add support for Python 3.12 and drop Python 3.8 support
  • Upgrade to Param 2.0 as minimum required version
  • Compatibility with Bokeh 3.3.0


  • Improved docs on deploying with GCP (#5531)
  • Add Streamlit migration guide for chat components (#5670)

Check out Panel Chat Examples


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