Panel 1.3.1 Release

This micro-release primarily ships a variety of bug and regression fixes focusing on auth, the chat components, and WASM (i.e. PyScript and Pyodide) support. It also adds an enhancement to the auth components that now makes it possible to let users access applications as a guest. Many thanks to
our new contributors @art3xa, @polivbr and @tupui as well as our core development team including @MarcSkovMadsen, @maximlt, @ahuang11 and @philippjfr.


  • Add support for authenticating as guest using OAuth and basic auth components (#5743)

Bug fixes

  • Ensure ColorMap widget correctly handles shared layout and display parameters (#5732)
  • Fix accessing refreshed access_token (#5734)
  • Ensure Markdown code blocks always wrap (#5738)
  • Fix returning state.user_info if no id_token is present in cookies (#5747)
  • Fix Widget.from_param type annotation (#5754)
  • Fix auto send for ChatInterface with TextAreaInput (#5762)
  • Add support for iframe srcdoc on Location (#5774)
  • Ensure applies correctly with changing data (#5757)
  • Ensure panel convert can correctly detect transformers_js import (#5772)
  • Adjust ReactiveHTML css resources for relative paths (#5779)
  • Ensure invalid query parameters warn instead of erroring (#5781)
  • Apply pyscript CSS by default without the splashscreen (#5784)
  • Ensure components which require DOM element to be attached can be rendered in Card (#5786)


  • Fix typo in examples/reference/widgets/StaticText.ipynb (#5739)
  • Add ReactiveExpr reference docs and change default widget location (#5755, #5760)
  • Fix pyscript WASM example (#5771)
  • Improve documentation for deep linking docs (#5752)