Panel: Add a logo to config / understanding the Reference

How can i add a logo?

  • Logo is in the root directory (where the yaml is)
  • Tried different path formats like “logo_horizontal.png” “./logo_horizontal.png” ““file://C:\projects\lumen\logo_horizontal.png””

How my config looks:

  title: Palmer Penguins
  theme: dark
  logo: logo_horizontal.png

The error i get:
AttributeError: 'Config' object has no attribute 'config'

The reference isn’t very helpful IMAHO

  • it specifies only “string”
  • it has no example (yaml)

In general: How to read the reference?

  • it is python code not yaml
  • E.g. for theme:, it’s specifing panel.template.DarkTheme is a valid input, how can i translate that to the (apparently) valid dark