Panel cheat sheet

Is there a Panel cheat sheet?

I mean a 1-page PDF that I can print out as a new user to remember the API.

With Google search I found something for Bokeh, but not for Panel.

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I have not seen anything. Maybe @ahuang11 has?

I’ve been dreaming of creating an interactive, hosted cheat sheet actually.


I do not, but would love to see one as well!

I would be happy to review a cheat sheet if anyone makes one, and I assume Philipp would also want to do so. This is a great opportunity for an intermediate user to collect what they themselves have found the most useful and what they would suggest new users learn first, and then Philipp and I can weigh in with bits that might have been missed or suggestions to avoid older API where a better version exists now.

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Decided to start on it basing it off Matplotlib’s

I think I want to also add Customization, Interactivity, and maybe Slicing?

Let me know if anyone has ideas!


@ahuang11 - I was looking for a Panel cheat sheet.

The current docs at make it really hard to get started for new users that are looking to find an example they can copy & paste to try it out. Compare that with where it’s on the front page and one has a working example executed in 1 minute.

Looks like you started a cheat sheet for Holoviews. For that I find with search HoloViews Cheat Sheet · Issue #2395 · holoviz/holoviews · GitHub so seems like also a Holoview one doesn’t exist and what you started will be great!


I agree with this comment. It used to be that you could download all the doc pages as notebooks, but since they were converted to Pyodide cells that functionality no longer exists and now you have to copy and paste one cell at a time. It’s still doable, but much more time consuming.

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Oh yeah, I realized this thread is for Panel cheat sheet :smiley: I’ll try to make that next

Here’s what I have so far:

The source:

Will make a panel one someday!

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Hey @riziles, we hear you. We are trying to balance several aspects of the docs, including making them fully interactive online. Improvements are in the works

Word. I think a simple “putting it all together” cell at the end would do the trick.

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I’m not sure what you mean, could you please clarify?

And indeed you used to be able to download the pages as notebooks. Adding more interactivity we’ve lost that, but that should just be temporary as it is really intended to restore this.

I think what is meant is to have a code block at the end of a section that contains all the relevant code so that the users can just copy a single block. This is one of the aspects of the new how-to guide schema. Here is the issue that includes “When possible, include a complete copyable code block/recipe”, and progress on the how-to’s.

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Alright thanks I see. That won’t work in all cases though, just to the very dynamic and reactive nature of some Panel code. But when it makes sense sure it’s nice to have!

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