Panel color picker update

I am trying to update colors with color picker for stacked bars in below code, unfortunately it is not updating the picked colors from the color picker. I understand color picker doesn’t update pn.interact() since it is assigned colorpicker.value, kindly advise how can I solve this issue?
As i also understand, pn.interact will not accept colorpicker variable directly to the pn.interact?

Infact my requirement is when i click the color bars, it should update the bar color of the plot
Also i have a doubt, can i integrate colorpicker variable directly to pn.interact without ‘.value’

What happens if you remove the .value? If that does not work try something like pn.panel(pn.bind(ClimateInfluenceStacked, cl1=cl1, ...))

But without a minimal, reproducible example (MRE) it is hard to give you an exact answer.

It works fine, was my mistake
No need of ‘.value’, it will work directly with color picker variable.
Thank you

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