Panel compatibility with Bokeh 3.0.*

Hi there,

First, thanks a ton for all the work on Panel - a fantastic tool.

Being interested in integrating some new Bokeh 3.* capability into a Panel app, I’m wondering if/when a Panel release (or major tag) will occur that includes compatibility with Bokeh 3.*? Currently, by default for example on conda, latest Panel release (0.14.4) ships/is out-of-box compatible Bokeh 2.4.3.

Alternately, if anyone has advice on how an existing Panel 1.0.* tag already works with Bokeh 3.*, that would be fantastic. I do note this Panel development, which indicates that perhaps this work has proceeded in Panel > 0.14.4?

Please let me know if I can provide more/clearer information.



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Hi @JeremyFyke, this is being actively worked on and there are already a few beta releases of Panel 1.0 that will indeed support Bokeh 3. The maintainers will announce the first release candidate, so that users like you can try it out.


Hi @JeremyFyke

You can follow the b and rc releases on pypi (panel history · PyPI)

You can also see the associated dev docs here.

Testing this and providing feedback on github is much appreciated.

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