Panel Components: Ant, Bootstrap, Fast, Fluent, HTML, Material, Shoelace, Wired

I would like it to be easy to create awesome looking apps with Panel. Some of the things we could need are better (styled) widgets with tooltips and icons. With Custom Templates and/ or ReactiveHTML we now have a much easier path to use Bootstrap, Material etc. frameworks and components.

So I set out to test how easy/ difficult it would be to mass produce widgets for Panel across frameworks.

I now have some Buttons and a few sliders

I’ve learned that

  • ReactiveHTML makes things easier. But only to some extent. There is still a lot of js to write for example for a sliders to make them compatible with the Panel sliders.
  • Components based on React (Ant, React-Bootstrap, MaterialUI) still requires some boilerplate code/ another structure than ordinary HTML components/ Web Components.

Check out the repo MarcSkovMadsen/panel-components: A repository of components for Panel ( and feel free to contribute your components. Right now the repository is just a sandbox for storing widgets that we create in the community.