Panel doesn't show output in the jupyter-lab/notebook

Hi I am trying to build a dashboard in jupyter with panel, every works well with panel.extension() and i can see the output in the jupyter. But when i switched to panel.extension(“Plotly”, “tabulator”) etc, i am not able to see the output, just shows blank out, no error anything. I don’t know what is the issue with this, i have already checked with “anaconda” environment as well. Why this error happens or this is a big? Or i need to setup something additional to over the issue?

Hi @dove88,

People will need a piece of code that they can copy paste on their system to really see what’s going on. The smaller the example the better.

That said what happens if you follow the example here

Panel plotly example

I did follow the same before i reported this issue, i used the code in example section, but i got the same out put, it’s only happen when add the arguments in the panel.extension() …
I am not using internet connection, hope that this is not internet connection issue.
I just to gave an example with “Plotly”, no extension other than Bokeh is not working or giving the plot output, widgets output etc, but when i printing out widgets variable, it shows the argument with assignments…

Do you have nodejs installed? If I don’t have it installed the example that I linked to works if connected to web and doesn’t work if not connected to the web - output is blank. Once I’ve installed nodejs it works under both scenarios

 conda install nodejs -c pyviz

I believe i have installed node.js, but i am not sure it is added to the system path, let me check and comeback to you.

I Still have the same problem, i have python 3.9 in separate env, there i have no issue for viewing widgets inline in the jupyter notebook with panel.extension(), if we add anything inside extension function lets say “Plotly”, then i have the same problem that i faced in anaconda env.

In any case, nothing is showing with anaconda env, seems like this is a big since anaconda should have worked properly as it comes with pre-installed packages…

Bokeh - 2.4.3
Panel - 0.13.1
Jupyter notebook - 6.4.12
Installe nodejs and pyviz

Hi @dove88

Did you install the nodejs into the separate environment or the base? So I have it all installed in a separate env, I make use of mini conda rather than anaconda.

The only other difference that I can tell is I’m using jupyter lab.

All I can say is I can make the example work whilst online as well as offline, for me the ticket was installing nodejs into the environment.

You mentioned there were no errors, have you also looked in the web console?

Hi @dove88

Welcome to the community. As I read issue #3013, inlining external resources like Tabulator and Plotly in a notebook is not currently supported.

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Thank you, hope that this will rectify in the next release

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