Panel Holoview Dynamic Map Object Stops Updating

I have a dynamic map object with updates from streamz.dataframe.core.DataFrame

This Dynamic Map object works correctly when displayed in jupyter notebook cell.

When the same object is used to launch a panel server, it works but then later it stops updating the plot.

See the errors I see in the chrome browser

Panel version 0.12.1

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Hi @jitz

I believe the panel/ bokeh web socket connection is closed after some duration of time. Could this be the cause?

Maybe you can set the --keep-alive flag Deploy and Export — Panel 0.12.6 documentation

Hi @jitz

I also saw that there is a flag --session-token-expiration that might also be important.

Hi @Marc

I tried both you recommendations. Issue is still unresolved.

I have two panel objects created,

  1. panel.pane.markup.DataFrame
  2. panel.pane.holoviews.HoloViews

When the panel object (DataFrame) is served there are no issues encountered.

Only when the Holoviews object is served, issues arise I have noticed that after being served the objects do work for a while(few seconds) before they stop.

*both panel objects work fine in jupyter notebook

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Hi @jitz

Could you make a copy of you code or a seperate branch? Then start removing functionality while you test the problem is still there. Eventually you will end up either identifying the cause or having a minimum reproducible example that the community could take a look at.

I was able to use Altair Charts with no issues, will be going with that.