Panel installation problen


I installed panel using pip (on MacOS), on top of python 3.11.5 from Homebrew. I see the following behaviour in the terminal:

$ panel serve stars.ipynb --show
ERROR: No template sub-directory with name ‘python’ found in the following paths:

I would appreciate suggestions for resolving this!


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Hi @Michael

Welcome to the community. I’ve never seen this issue before or know what it means.

You could try some of the below

Reinstall Panel

pip uninstall panel
pip install panel

Run Panel from a new virtual environment

Create a new virtual environment and activate it. Then pip install panel and try again.

Hi @Marc – I googled some more and discovered that the message comes from nbconvert, but reinstalling that did not help, and neither did reinstalling panel. I then uninstalled all the pip-installed packages, created a virtual environment and installed panel there and now it works fine.

Thank you for your help!

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So happy you made it. Thanks for sharing the solution. It helps build the community knowledge base.