Panel OAuth using provider with only GET request

Hi Everyone,
We have a panel application running on Elastic Bean Stalk service and we are trying to use OAuth by a provider which only takes GET requests. Once the authentication is completed, the redirect_url is getting invalid_state error:

{"error":"invalid_state","error_description":"Invalid State","status":403,"transaction_id":"I240710201721133DUB7Y8VTUX9H5P0"}

Sample panel serve we are doing is given below:

            '/health':health_check # this route for keeping EBS health checks OK
        port= 80,
        address= '',
        oauth_key = "**", 
        oauth_extra_params={'TOKEN_URL': 'https://**/api/oauth2/v2/certs','AUTHORIZE_URL':'**/api/oauth2/v1/authorize'}

Is there any config method override we could do to change the http request to get instead of POST as in the

Any help would be appreciated!
Thank you!