Panel Serve + Docker

Similar to this question about this error message I get a

Uncaught (in promise) Error: Error rendering Bokeh model: could not find #53e7b147-e581-431b-90e1-1fe7ade39263 HTML tag
    at u (bokeh.min.js?v=3c61e952b808bb7e346ce828a565a5f23aaf7708d034fa9d0906403813355d45bb4e8d8b0b23a93f032c76831d4f0221846f28699c7f5147caa62e0d31668314:585:113)
    at n._resolve_root_elements (bokeh.min.js?v=3c61e952b808bb7e346ce828a565a5f23aaf7708d034fa9d0906403813355d45bb4e8d8b0b23a93f032c76831d4f0221846f28699c7f5147caa62e0d31668314:585:621)
    at w (bokeh.min.js?v=3c61e952b808bb7e346ce828a565a5f23aaf7708d034fa9d0906403813355d45bb4e8d8b0b23a93f032c76831d4f0221846f28699c7f5147caa62e0d31668314:163:515)
    at t.embed_items (bokeh.min.js?v=3c61e952b808bb7e346ce828a565a5f23aaf7708d034fa9d0906403813355d45bb4e8d8b0b23a93f032c76831d4f0221846f28699c7f5147caa62e0d31668314:163:1455)

when running this app

import panel as pn
import glob

file_list = glob.glob( r'/usr/src/app/apps/*.nc' ) 

def get_comps():
    select_file = pnw.Select(name="File", options=file_list).servable(target="sidebar")

    def selected_file(select_file):
        return pn.pane.Str(select_file, height=100, sizing_mode='stretch_width')
    return [ select_file , selected_file ]

bootstrap = pn.template.BootstrapTemplate(title='Glob Demo')

sfe = get_comps()



even though the FileSelector widget sees the files and displays as expected in another example app that is ran with the same panel serve command inside a Docker container that the Glob Demo App is ran with

docker run -p 8066:8000 -v /PATH_TO_APPS/apps:/usr/src/app/apps yp2

I would love to mount a volume when running my Docker Container that I can select a file from and load with Xarray and plot with HvPlot but I am stuck at even selecting a file. I already have the app I want to serve thanks to @Marc and this question.

Panel Version : 0.13.1
OS : Ubuntu
Docker Version : 20.10.17, build 100c701