Panel Tabulator in offline html page

Hello I create a custom template where I add some Tabulator tables. Then I save this template with, resources=“inline”) and after that I replace all resources which come for internet because I need this html page to work offline. Everything work except this tabulator tables, they are not created at all when there is no internet, but when there is internet everything is fine. Does anyone have any idea how to overcome this problem. Тhe only failing request is the one for tabulator styles but the link for it is dynamically added when html file is open in browser, this stylesheet is manually added in html file so the styles are there.

Do you have sample code?

It is hard to make sample code for this but problem come from this:

So here if setting the tabulator Css fail, then rendering of table is terminated. If I remove this if statement everything works great. Any ideas how to overcome this problem without touching panel code.